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Keith Tomatore
Keith Tomatore

KT is the Chief Executive Officer at iFrog Marketing Solutions where he has led their transformation from a small digital marketing company to a pioneer in global marketing technology.

Chapter 27

For this chapter, I wanted to pivot towards why clients choose iFrog as their marketing solutions company. From what I’ve learned, there are truly three reasons why a client chooses us: best in-class technology, marketing solutions that work, and (most importantly) our people, which we call Pirate Power. Honestly, I am very proud of the iFrog team and their transition from Digital Marketing to Marketing Solutions, putting an emphasis on A.I. and machine learning technology and never straying away from our world-class service roots. Let’s go further into the three elements that are core to our sustainable competitive advantage that we use to transform our clients’ businesses. 

Best In-Class Technology

You might be reading this and thinking: what is best in-class technology? It starts with a technology stack that enables all of our platforms to communicate with one another. This helps us find the right consumer, regardless of what marketing channels we are using. All of our platforms, whether for targeted online display, video, search, graphics, or social, are all driven by A.I. and machine learning. This means we are ingesting a client’s target consumer’s every action online and are able to optimize campaigns in real time. A.I. has integrated deeper into marketing, helping clients enhance every step of the customer journey. At iFrog, that journey is in lockstep with the latest privacy laws and compliance, ensuring all consumers are respected and safe. 

The iFrog artificial intelligence marketing platform provides a service: autonomous media buying. This approach requires minor human input allowing the A.I. to analyze, manage, and optimize paid ad campaigns. Machine learning algorithms help find new ways for optimizing layout, copywriting, targeting, and bids. 

Our A.I. powered tools help gather data, build a predictive model, test the model, and validate the model on real customers. This information can indicate what stage of the buying journey the customer is in. Customers can be in any phase of the buying process, and it gives iFrog a huge advantage to know where our clients’ customers are in their buying journey. By knowing where their customers are, our clients are able to serve the right message to the right customer at the right time. The result of this is our clients having much more precise marketing which results in saving money on their media, thus creating an outcome of a much greater ROI on their marketing spends. 

Marketing Solutions That Work

Our marketing solutions are focused on our business outcomes for our clients. I can’t begin to tell you how many clients lament to us about spending a lot of money on marketing and having a difficult time understanding what they’re getting from their marketing spends. That doesn’t work for us or our clients. Marketing can’t just be a presentation with a bunch of keywords, it actually has to work. We are seeing returns from our marketing solutions of 40% to 70% improved ROI on average, but many clients are getting returns a heck of a lot higher than those numbers. 

Our marketing platforms for targeted display, video, search, and social are agile, nimble, and extremely customized for our clients’ needs. We combine great platforms with a world-class dashboard and business insights. Clients can see the results at any time, and — naturally — we also provide regular war rooms and performance reviews for our clients. Nothing creates client confidence like transparency, especially when combined with business results. 

Pirate Power

I am super proud of our technology and marketing solutions, and as awesome as both of those things are to have at iFrog, they are nothing without people. At iFrog, the people we are are not looking for jobs, they are looking for a mission. Our folks have the pirate mentality of doing more with what we have and putting our clients first. They love serving our clients and very much view this as their round-the-clock mission. They view each client’s business with the same respect and reverence as if it were their own business. When the entire company questions outdated models, can be strategic, and simply outworks the competition — good things happen. 

I like to think the pirate mentality is something I brought to iFrog given my background. I grew up poor and I had to work for everything that I got, and this made me appreciate things more. Clients are encouraged to call me directly to chat about their business. I took ownership of the pirate mentality, and I am one of the pirates here to help increase their business outcomes. iFrog is a different kind of company, and we have a different kind of staff. We are a group of pirates who very much want to transform our clients’ businesses, reimagine marketing solutions, and get better results than ever before. We also want to identify additional revenue opportunities to further strengthen their business. At iFrog, we don’t focus on a lot of PowerPoint decks, rather we focus on business outcomes for our clients. We want to do something special and to us, that work doesn’t happen in a PowerPoint deck — it happens when you build solutions. When you build something with your hands, you have a different kind of ownership. 

For us at iFrog, we get out of routines and instead reimagine, dream, and leverage our technology with expertise and business know-how. We have built successful businesses and transformed other businesses. We know how to leverage data and technology to give all of our clients a sustainable competitive advantage. Why then, do clients choose iFrog? The answer is they want their businesses to thrive and remain relevant in the long term. They are courageous in trying a new and more precise approach to marketing solutions and they believe in their businesses. Companies that choose iFrog tend to have a startup mentality, even though some of their businesses are one hundred years old. Our clients and our pirates both have a small chip on their shoulders and they want a lasting legacy of success.  

As a CEO, I am so proud of our pirates and their commitment to innovation, best in-class technology, marketing solutions that work, and, perhaps most importantly, a love of living in service. We often speak about Pirates for Change and that’s how the folks at iFrog view the world, business, and everything they touch — how can we make things a little better? I am thrilled to say at iFrog we do make things better and make a business better. 

I would love to hear about your business, what your business objectives are, and how we can help. Drop me a line any time at or follow me on Twitter @iFrogCEO.

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