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How to Design an Infographic

I LOVE designing infographics. They are a powerful way to capture attention and they break down topics for the viewer in an easy to understand manner with pictures and words. What makes infographics cool is that they can not only communicate a subject to the viewer, it can also intrigue the viewer to learn more about the subject.

Infographics are something I really enjoy creating, but they do take a lot of planning. So, how do you start an infographic? 


Where to Begin?

The first place that I like to start is learning the basic needs from the client. What size does the image need to be? Is the final asset going to be delivered to consumers on their website or on a printed material? Before I start anything with an infographic, I make sure I have these questions answered. They essentially determine my canvas. 

My second task is reviewing the client’s current colors and branding elements. What do they use in their day-to-day branding? I want to match their previous work, website, and logo so that everything looks cohesive.

After that, it’s time to start designing!


Let’s Start Designing!

When I begin designing, I like to lay out all the information going into the infographic in an organized way that I will later put on the image. Usually, the information can be separated into sections.

Once that is done, I think about what each section’s focus is, and try to come up with icons or images that match what the words are trying to convey to the reader. For example, if a section is talking about the United States, maybe I will try to show the U.S. flag, some Americana imagery, or a small outline of the country.

Once I have all the information and images on the infographic, I like to go through my work and figure out how I can best organize the image for a clean appearance. Usually, it’s aligning the text, making sure everything is centered on the image or aligning to a certain point, and that all of the text is the same size.

To finish, I save that beautiful creation as a raw file, PDF, and JPEG so the client can view it in multiple formats, and VOILA! You have an infographic!


iFrog Creative + Infographics

At iFrog, we have a team of designers that is passionate about design and creativity. Our Creative Solutions represent a team working to exceed our client partner’s needs and expectations in a timely manner. Are you ready to create infographics for your brand? Contact us today!

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