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Looking Ahead to 2021

This is my first blog of 2021, so I want to start by wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!


For me, I think of a new year as a clean slate. If our lives were a book, our next chapter would start with 2021. We’ve said goodbye to 2020 and we are leaving it in the rearview mirror. I think it is important to always honor and respect the past, but live in the present.


A new year for our Pirates means a performance review of the previous year. However, it isn’t just feedback on prior performance, it is an outline of goals and objectives for 2021. The thinking behind this is for everyone to begin the year with a clean slate and give our Pirates the opportunity to be active participants in developing their individual gameplans that fit into our overall roadmap.


It’s critical we focus on the right things. In some ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped iFrog expand and escape from the limitations of being based out of Easton, Maryland. We have embraced a transformation to a remote organization with offices in Maryland and Michigan (to start), while still accommodating Pirates from all over the country. This approach has deepened our skill-set and created a much broader expertise among the team.


Last year, we took the time to completely redefine ourselves into iFrog Marketing Solutions. We built a more responsive, more technical, and overall stronger company. We removed excess things that were not adding value, such as commutes, office drama, and anything else in the way of our specific roadmap. In 2021, I hope to continue all of that, with a few new objectives, as well.


One that’s on the top of my mind is we are going to focus more on Pirate empowerment. We want to give our team more ownership of their projects and goals to empower them to get their tasks done and better serve our partners. I’ve always thought that the best employees want to own their workday to increase their contribution and be better aligned with the overall mission. Ideally we will have more leaders throughout the organization working with the Executive Team to further facilitate critical discussions.


I start 2021 being humbled and thankful. Every day at iFrog we get to perform in jobs we love and don’t consider work. We work with awesome Pirate teammates and serve outstanding partners. We have the freedom to do what needs to be done for our partners while still supporting each other as we grow our business, our industry footprint, and do our part to shape the world. I’m of the opinion that changing the world is incumbent on all of our efforts, regardless of size. You don’t need to be a huge Fortune 500 company to change the world.


I hope everyone thinks of 2021 as a clean slate to reboot and gain the right focus to achieve success. Stay humble, hungry, and kind. This new year brings us much opportunity to embrace hard work, achieve our dreams, and be good humans. Personally, I look forward to taking our partners to new heights with expected and (sometimes) unexpected results.


What are your goals for 2021? I’d love to hear them. Please drop me a line at or send me a Tweet @iFrogCEO.


Be a Pirate, have a fantastic 2021, and change the world!


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