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New Beginnings

Today is an excellent day to discuss new beginnings. I’ve always felt January represents a new chapter in our professional and personal lives. I look at this as a time to set new business and personal goals for the year ahead. I know I’m not alone in having this mentality; it’s why this time of year is always met with overcrowded gyms. The same can be said for businesses! Annual goals are set in January and are sometimes abandoned by April when we get distracted by other things and abandon our mindset from the beginning of the year. When we think about our yearly goals at iFrog, we take each year as an opportunity to show an improvement in our key metrics. 


On our business side, we mostly focus on higher revenues, more clients, and more product releases. We also focus on making sure these goals are measurable and rely on them to be indicators of our success. All of these metrics relate to each other — they need to all grow together if we are to focus on continuous improvement. If the amount of products we put to market increases but our client satisfaction decreases, we can’t call that a successful year.


Thinking about yearly goals and business objectives can sometimes feel lofty. There’s a lot of data involved, budgets need to be determined, and the staff needs to be managed effectively. I don’t feel intimidated by these high-level tasks, because they can always be broken down into simple functions. 


When I approach a task, I always like to boil it down to its core. For example, I mentioned before that with a new year comes new performance reviews for the staff and we try to get to the core and answer three simple questions: 

  1. What is going well? 
  2. What is not going well? 
  3. What are we missing? 


These three simple questions are the basis for getting a pulse on how an employee’s performance is going, as well as how the company is doing. Truly, there’s no secret sauce here when it comes to performance reviews. It’s about taking the time to understand what is going well and what you need to do to keep accomplishing more of those actions. On the opposite side, it’s also an opportunity to understand anything not going well at iFrog. How can we avoid problematic issues among our staff? Finally, we need to know what we’re missing as the business and industry evolves. Are we evolving with it? Are we moving and adapting quickly enough? 


Ultimately, we can take these answers and make adjustments, change what we’re doing, and approach a complicated situation from a different perspective. 


A good idea involving big change needs a good plan. Before we make any big changes at iFrog, we make sure we have defined the following: 

  1. Timeline: How long will this take to implement?
  2. Budget: How much will this cost? 
  3. Requirements: What is needed from the company to make this change happen? 
  4. Payoff: How will this help the organization? 


What’s great about iFrog still being a relatively young company is that we are continuously improving with every new year looking completely different than the year before. In 2020, we transitioned from a local company with minimal technology to a national company driven by the latest in marketing technology. In 2021, we plan to build even more technology solutions to eclipse what we created last year. Our ultimate goal is to expand into becoming a global company. I know this will bring us success and will — more importantly — bring our client partners success. 


Before we take on the globe, we need to make sure that we continue with our simple evaluations of our personal and professional performances. From there, we can identify any opportunities for improvement and advancement. Then it all comes down to flawless execution and discipline. Every goal and every milestone helps us get closer to our overall vision. 


While I’m reflecting, I’d feel strange if I didn’t acknowledge what’s going on in our world when referring to the new year. The last few years have been incredibly divided between very partisan beliefs. As a nation, I can see and feel a yearning for unity within all of us. This is our opportunity to come together as a nation to solve our problems and prioritize believing in each other. As strange as it might be, I do see parallels between our country coming together and making sure our company comes together toward common missions and goals.


What are your business goals for 2021? Drop me a line anytime at or send me a tweet @iFrogCEO


Be a Pirate, have a great day, and embrace new opportunities in the new year!

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