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We Partnered With SpinCar

At iFrog Marketing Solutions, you trust us to provide marketing and technology solutions to give you an unfair advantage over competitors. We do this combining human brain power and artificial intelligence, bold eye-catching creative, and a team of Pirates dedicated to your business’s success. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage. Our innovation continues today with our new partnership with SpinCar. 

Who Is SpinCar?

SpinCar is the automotive industry’s leader in digital merchandising software and data. Their platform is used by thousands of automotive retailers, wholesalers, and online marketplaces around the globe. They are able to deliver personalized and immersive online experiences to vehicle shoppers throughout their buying journey. 

Our Chief Executive Officer Keith ‘KT’ Tomatore says, “Digital technology has become a critical foundational element for every auto dealership in the country. In today's market, dealership success will be driven by the ability to attract and engage shoppers with personalized experiences driven by data and technology. We are excited to be partnering with SpinCar to help dealers take full advantage of the industry's most advanced digital merchandising platform to reinvent their digital showroom.”

Why Did SpinCar and iFrog Partner?

As the world shifts and as we all adjust to a “new normal”, consumers are doing a lot more of their shopping at home. How can we make shopping easier and more convenient for our customers? 

SpinCar's 360° WalkArounds® and Feature Tour® products bring greater levels of engagement, transparency, and interactivity to the vehicle buying process. The 360° WalkArounds® is an immersive experience giving consumers the ability to explore and engage with every angle of a vehicle. This virtual reality places shoppers in the driver’s seat — literally — to empower them to get a feel for their future vehicle from the comfort of their own couch. By exploring every single detail of a vehicle, dealers not only enjoy the benefits of having customers on their sites longer, but they also build trust throughout the buying journey. 

The Feature Tour® is a revolutionary way to showcase the more technical features of a vehicle. Think about all of the technology in the latest vehicles — don’t you feel like you learn something new everyday? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an educational resource that’s accessible to your customers? The Feature Tour® does just that. This solution brings curated videos, images, and explainer content to the VDP and delivers everything your shoppers need when they visit your website. 

What Does This Mean For Me?

Our new partnership with SpinCar brings comprehensive digital marketing and merchandising solutions to vehicle retailers across the country. We are excited to collaborate with SpinCar to help our Tier 2 and Tier 3 Dealer partners generate greater returns on their marketing investments. We’ll do this by providing technology and services focused on attracting, engaging, and converting online vehicle shoppers. By pairing our marketing, creative, and machine learning capabilities with SpinCar’s digital merchandising software and shopper behavioral data, we will be able to create a complete software and service solution. The needs of our customers are always changing, it’s time to adapt! 

Get started today with your SpinCar demo. Our Digital Marketing Specialists are ready to help you take the leap!


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