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What is L.E.A.P.? Our Paid Media Solution

Here at iFrog Marketing Solutions, one of our core products is L.E.A.P. In today’s blog, I’m going to tell you all about it!To start, L.E.A.P. is the Live Exchange Advertising Program. This comprehensive marketing platform combines the best marketing solutions and is powered with the most advanced technology. This combination of marketing and technology serves to reimagine our clients’ businesses and provide them a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

L.E.A.P. is defined by four distinct marketing solutions that I’ll explain in more detail below. By themselves, I wouldn’t necessarily call them revolutionary, however, when combined with our A.I. and machine learning, it serves to provide clients 20% to 90% in ROI on their marketing dollars.

Our marketing solutions are iFrog Search, iFrog Social, iFrog Display & Retargeting and iFrog Video. All are powered by A.I. and machine learning. This results in the iFrog L.E.A.P. set of solutions seeing all of a consumer’s behaviors and preferences. 

iFrog uses machine learning to monitor customer behavior. We leverage algorithms to track: 

  • Websites visited
  • Emails opened
  • Downloads
  • Clicks

A consumer’s social score is a factor, as well. We monitor and analyze how a user behaves on social networks, such as: 

  • Accounts they follow
  • Posts they like
  • Ads they engage with

Right now, your ads might be great, but they can’t be effective if they aren’t being seen by the right audiences. With the help of iFrog L.E.A.P. in combination with A.I., you can make sure your target audience is reached. In addition to improving the way your ads get targeted, machine learning can help personalize the experience on marketing platforms. The constant optimizations, based on consumer behavior and preferences, creates increased efficiencies and much greater conversion rates. 

The iFrog L.E.A.P. platform not only allows our clients’ media budgets to get a much higher ROI, but also helps to identify revenue opportunities with our predictive capabilities. This technology not only expands your target audiences, but helps identify additional potential revenue opportunities. This generates incremental revenue for our clients.

Clients receive actionable insights with iFrog L.E.A.P., A.I., and machine learning. As a partner with iFrog, you get to learn valuable information about your customers. This information gives you more accurate data to use when you’re building a customer persona. These personas help you improve personalization and help target people accordingly. The iFrog L.E.A.P. insights help you discover various aspects of your customers behavior. Examples of these are how many of your customers are foodies, how many watch a certain TV show, and which customers have traveled to similar places. Now, you can segment these customers into different clusters to improve their experience and increase the likelihood of them converting. 

Marketing solutions, smartly powered with best-in-class A.I. and machine learning technology while leveraging data create a very different type of marketing. Marketing that not only gets ridiculous levels of ROI for our clients, but also makes them smarter about their businesses and identifies increased opportunities for incremental revenue. 

L.E.A.P. is something that iFrog did not have a year ago. It is an important part of the transformation we’ve built the last 12 months. This transformation is important, as we’ve based it around client needs and disrupting the industry. Our goal is to make everything we touch better and reimagine how marketing is done for our clients. Ultimately, we love serving our clients and playing an important role in marketing technology.

I’d love to hear about your business, what your business objectives are, and how we can help. Please drop me a line at or tweet me @iFrogCEO! 

Be a Pirate, have an awesome day, and keep shaking things up! #piratesforchange #marketing #technology 

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