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Why It's Important to Take a Stand

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Keith Tomatore
Keith Tomatore

KT is the Chief Executive Officer at iFrog Marketing Solutions where he has led their transformation from a small digital marketing company to a pioneer in global marketing technology. As CEO, he has reshaped the focus from regional to national in both brand and retail across many different verticals. KT’s continued innovation propelled iFrog to the forefront of the marketing tech landscape. When he isn’t building exponential growth in the marketing technology industry, KT spends his time traveling, working out, and harboring a love for Boston sports teams.

Hopefully you’ve read my previous entry on why our clients choose iFrog. Today I want to talk about WHO we are at iFrog.It is my belief that part of why our clients choose to work with us is “who” we are and what we stand for is almost as important as “what” we do. We are a marketing solutions company that leverages the best in technology, such as A.I. and machine learning to totally reimagine our clients’ businesses. We also create our own proprietary software in iFrog Labs and then merchandise these software solutions in our SaaS (software as a service) business. 

No one can deny we are a marketing solutions company leveraging our technology creating awesome and powerful insights for our clients. However, we want to be more than that. This is where #PiratesForChange comes into play. We want to be good humans, and we try to impact the world around us. Whether it’s for equality, for cause, or for disruption, we want to leave our world a better place. I think our clients appreciate that we have a moral compass that is not only driven by profits, but also by humanity. And mostly, by doing what is right. 

In my career, I have always been the person to speak up. For me, I think that inclination created the foundation for iFrog: we should all be comfortable with who we are and what we stand for as people and as a business. You probably have noticed our #PiratesForChange initiative. This initiative helps our clients understand more about WHO we are and what we stand for in our communities. 

We have a comprehensive calendar for important events such as Black History Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many other topics we want to bring more awareness to and be able to provide support. In today’s world, it’s not enough to sell a product or service. Consumers expect you to take a position on social and community issues in order to earn their business and loyalty. This preference increases drastically when a company not only takes a point of view, but also has a tangible positive impact. 

Earlier this year, iFrog took a stand in support of George Floyd during that horrifying incident. We received so much positive feedback in the marketing technology community that I realized it was critical from a client standpoint and from an industry standpoint to create a positive impact beyond marketing solutions. Everything we say and do must be consistent with what we believe. This is how we maintain our authenticity. Everything said on our channels is what we actually believe. 

Many people go through life without seriously considering what or why they believe certain things. Many companies only talk about their products being better than the competition and the need to exceed financial metrics. However, none of that tells clients what you believe, what you stand for, and why they should be doing business with you. It’s almost like asking fans of an NFL team to cheer for the balance sheet instead of the players, the income statement over the game, and the net income over how the players conduct themselves on and off the field!

As a CEO of a marketing solutions company and on behalf of our entire company, iFrog has a platform. Using our platform for good is critical at this time of division and discontent. More than ever, people are in need of authenticity and organizations with good moral compasses. We aim to give our clients the very best in marketing solutions and technology. We also aim to make an impact on society and leave this world in better shape. At iFrog, we will never stop trying to make the world in which we live better. 

What does your business stand for? How can we help with your business objectives? Please drop me a line at or send me a tweet @iFrogCEO at anytime! 

Be a Pirate, have a great day, and remember: if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything! #PiratesForChange #marketing #technology 

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