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10 Majors for a Career in Marketing

Best Majors for a Marketing Career

Embarking on your college career is a thrilling time in your life. At the same time, it can be overwhelming trying to declare a major and figure out which area of study best aligns with your career path. If you’re interested in a marketing career, we’ve rounded a list of diverse majors that will help you in the marketing field. Ready to view our top 10 picks? Keep reading to learn more!


1. Marketing
It’s no surprise that Marketing is our No. 1 pick of majors for a career in Marketing. Even though this is the most self-explanatory choice of study, many universities offer focus areas within this major. If you choose Marketing as your major, you can focus on areas such as Brand Management, Consumer Knowledge, and Research & Development. Your studies in the world of branding, demographics, and advertising will prepare you for a spot in the marketing field post-graduation.

2. Communications
Communication is the top skill required for a successful career in marketing. Similar to a Marketing degree, Communications is an umbrella term for a litany of focus areas. This major allows you to explore growing paths like Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Mass Media, and Journalism. Virtually all the skills you learn in this major can be applied to Marketing.

3. Graphic Design
Are you interested in visual communication and putting your creativity on full display? Marketing and advertising agencies always seek creative thinkers who can collaborate with content strategists, copywriters, and web designers to bring their messaging to life. A major in Graphic Design will teach you the fundamentals of visual design and help you hone your skills in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI).


4. Computer Science
In the digital age, a Computer Science degree will take you a long way in Marketing. Content creators, web designers, and web developers use their knowledge of CSS and HTML to code and create engaging content for marketing agencies that incorporates UX.

5. Business Administration
Marketing usually focuses on a diverse range of businesses, companies, and organizations, so having a Business Administration degree will teach you the fundamentals of what it takes to run a business. Within the Business degree, you can choose to focus on entrepreneurship, economics, retail, project management, and other fields relevant to a career in marketing.

6. English
Writing and rhetoric are skills every successful marketer needs to be well versed in, and what better way to do that than by majoring in English? The endless papers you write, books you read, and research you conduct will help you communicate engaging copy and content for marketing agencies. Your writing skills could eventually lead to writing compelling blogs, business-savvy emails, or even short-form social media copy.


7. Psychology
Marketing deals with people first and foremost, so gaining a better understanding of the human mind and psyche will always be helpful in this field. By majoring in Psychology, you will increase your knowledge of how people think and feel, which will benefit how you market to the masses. Many psychological studies are used in marketing, and your background in this major will advance your success in the field.

8. Sociology
Who do marketers gear their content towards? The greater society! Majoring in Sociology, you will study the structure of human society, giving you all the insight you need to market effectively and the research skills to get to the root cause. In order to be a successful marketer, you must understand the framework of our society, and your studies will provide you with more perspectives and the ability to analyze a targeted market.

9. Anthropology
Studying human behavior and comparing societies across cultures as an Anthropology major will be helpful when mapping out market research and effective strategies. Perspective is something every marketer needs to have, and having an understanding of organizational cultures will assist you not only in identifying an audience but how you market to that specific audience.

10. Interdisciplinary Studies
To be in Marketing, you must acquire many skills, so why not make your own major? As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, you can combine multiple areas of study that pertain to the Marketing field. Whether that’s English and Business Administration or Sociology and Journalism, the opportunities are endless.

Map Out Your Major
As you can see, a career path in Marketing is versatile, as are the skills required to succeed in this field. Many different majors can be applied to the vastly wonderful and beautifully diverse field of marketing. Which college major will you choose?

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