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Top 10 Marketing Trends of 2023

Have you been keeping up with the latest trends? No, we’re not talking about fashion or the latest fad diet, we’re talking about marketing! Just as the clothes we wear are ever-changing due to current trends, so is the way we market to people. With technology becoming more advanced year after year and the way people shop constantly adapting to the times, it’s more important than ever that the way we market adapts. That’s where iFrog Marketing Solutions comes in. We stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, constantly evolving so we can market using the most effective methods. In any marketing landscape, it is essential to be versatile to meet the needs of each client while using the best tools to reach customers. Curious about what you should look out for moving into the new year? These are the top 10 marketing trends that aren’t going away in 2023!


1. Blogs
Not only can blogs increase search traffic by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but they can also increase brand awareness. Blogs allow companies to bring their personal voices to the forefront, making statements on topics that are important to them. It builds trust and recognition with customers and is a great way to reach both current and potential customers.

2. Influencers
We’ve all heard of them, but how effective are influencers for your brand? Turns out, very! Influencers already have an audience that knows and trusts them. Utilizing influencers helps get your brand out there and can deliver a significant Return On Investment.

3. SEO For Visibility
You want your website to be top of the list of what customers are searching for, and SEO is the perfect way to do it. SEO is nothing new, and it’s a trend that’s likely to stay around for a while. SEO uses keywords and organic content to account for what customers are searching. As the Google algorithm continues to get more complex, the need for SEO experts rises.


4. Social Media
Another way to elevate brand awareness is through social media. It gives your brand a voice and puts you directly in front of the customer with engaging content that allows them to interact with you. Moving into 2023, social media is expected to become even more of a customer service tool. Consumer trends show that more and more people are reaching out to brands through social media for customer service.

5. Short & Simple
In the age of endless swiping through social media and unlimited content at our fingertips, it’s incredibly important to be concise and attention-grabbing with content. This goes for both copy and video content. Short copy with eye-catching graphics and information that packs a punch is the way to go if you want to get a customer’s attention and keep it.

6. Email
This certainly isn’t a new marketing tactic, but it will stick around for 2023 as it continues to be a strategic and effective marketing campaign. The whole point of marketing is to speak to your audience, and emails allow you to get your message directly into the consumer's inbox. Emails improve communication and awareness while decreasing funnel touchpoints, all leading to greater conversions.


7. Mobile Optimization
Can you remember the last time you left your house without your phone in your pocket? Probably not. That goes for just about every consumer out there. Mobile devices have become the more common way to search and shop, making it extremely important that whatever you do — from SEO to social media — is optimized for mobile, so the shopper gets the best experience.

8. AI Creating Personalized Experiences
Thanks to growing technology, shopping experiences have become more personalized than ever. The more personalized the experience, the more likely you are to get a conversion. With AI learning, we can put your product directly in front of the consumer at the point they are most likely to buy.

9. Analytics & How We Market
Monthly analytic reports may sound boring, but analytics can change how we market. The trend of using analytics to make your marketing decisions more effective will continue into 2023. We’ll be able to gather the analytics you need and break them down for you into audience behaviors to calculate them into an actionable business plan.

10. Aligned Marketing
More and more businesses are reaching out to marketing professionals to help get their business in front of the consumer. As this trend continues, it becomes essential that both the marketing and sales teams are aligned on goals and strategies to create the most effective plan. At iFrog, we have client-facing members that will work directly with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page about your business plan and needs.

See For Yourself
Take care of your business and leave the marketing to us, where we’re always up on the latest trends and are constantly working to improve the way we support your brand. Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us or email our team for a consultation at

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