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A Vision For Innovation

New York — iFrog Digital Marketing is seizing the success built from its 2015 inception by rebranding as iFrog Marketing Solutions to reflect the company’s vision of becoming a global marketing technology leader.

Headquartered in Easton, Md., iFrog Marketing Solutions serves clients nationwide with cutting-edge marketing technology, growth strategies, and personal connections from its talented team. The vision, steered by a “pirate” mentality, continues to evolve by reimagining how to bring marketing and technology together to enhance the businesses for clients in an advancing world.

“iFrog is a different kind of marketing company,” said Keith T. Tomatore (KT), Chief Executive Officer at iFrog Marketing Solutions. “It is the kind of company that leverages the latest in technology and data, to not just give our clients a sustainable competitive advantage, but to transform their entire business.” 

“We believe that marketing has to work, and we build solutions for our clients that do just that,” Tomatore added. “We disrupt the status quo to make the future different, to make the future better, and to make the impossible a reality.”

The success of iFrog Marketing Solutions stems from its engagement with clients, and the company is transforming the industry through precise business insights, creative storytelling, and cutting-edge machine learning technology. Using advanced artificial intelligence gives iFrog Marketing Solutions the ability to serve the needs of customers in real-time and help identify growth opportunities. Its mission is to “Disrupt the industry with proven marketing solutions and provide our partners with a sustainable competitive advantage.”

“We have taken every step to transition from a digital marketing company to a marketing solutions provider,” said Brent Durham, Chief Operations Officer at iFrog Marketing Solutions. “Today, we are more prepared for the future than ever and we are exponentially increasing the results we are achieving for our clients.”

The rebranding consists of investments into artificial intelligence through machine learning and thinking outside the box to stay ahead in the changing marketing landscape. iFrog Marketing Solutions uses this data to implement strategies that transform businesses to broaden their reach to customers. This innovation and dedication to evolution allows iFrog Marketing Solutions to provide fierce, sustainable, competitive advantages for businesses around the world.

“While we are proud of where we come from, our sights are set on the future as iFrog Marketing Solutions,” said Angie Wilson McCracken, Director of Brand and Experience for iFrog Marketing Solutions. “Why are we rebranding? It is imperative that our name evokes our vision and mission. At iFrog, our mission is to disrupt the industry with proven marketing solutions and to provide our partners with a sustainable competitive advantage. Currently, our partners span the nation. Soon, they will encompass the globe.”

iFrog Marketing Solutions began in April 2015 with an original team of 10 people. Over the next five years, the company built a brand that grew by 750 percent with a focus on customer service, performance data, and constant advancement. iFrog Marketing Solutions moved from Preston to its current home in Easton, opening a new state-of-the-art facility that includes the ability to evolve for new projects. The company enlists marketing professionals, designers, content writers, data strategists, ad operations, engineers and experts in digital advertising, social media, and co-op and compliance. Through the collaboration of these talented employees, iFrog Marketing Solutions delivers creative services to boost a client's digital profile and transform their business outcomes.

“Our relaunch, or rebirth as it feels like, is especially exciting for me,” said De’Montray Slacum, Director of Marketing Strategy for iFrog Marketing Solutions. “Helping us grow from a small team of five to what you see today is something you can typically only dream. We felt it vital to reposition ourselves in the market because we are building something special, and we need the world to understand. Globalization and innovation — that is our path.”

The future is bright for iFrog Marketing Solutions, and they are taking off like a rocket. With a constant focus on evolution, the company is building diverse solutions for a market that is unique across the globe.

“Simply put — we transform businesses,” Tomatore said. “That is simply what iFrog does, and if we and our clients understand that, then there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.”


About iFrog Marketing Solutions

iFrog Marketing Solutions is a dynamic marketing company founded in 2015. We have the technological know-how and creative adaptability to transform any business through a more personalized and customer-focused experience. Our mission is to disrupt the industry with proven marketing solutions and provide our partners with a sustainable competitive advantage. Please contact us at 410-673-8278 or to learn more about what we offer.

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