Katie Schisler / Content Manager

Katie Schisler / Content Manager
Katie brought her approach to content marketing to iFrog in September 2021. As the Content Manager, she oversees a team of content strategists that plan, write, and execute content for a variety of marketing projects. Katie earned her degree in Communication from Mount St. Mary’s University in May 2021. Before her time at iFrog, Katie garnered a plethora of writing and marketing experience, co-hosted a talk radio show on 89.9 WMTB, and developed a passion for website management and content creation. Katie loves sharing information with others — so she was born for content marketing! As a co-worker and manager, she never hesitates to share useful information with the team, show others the ropes, and answer questions to make each project as successful as possible. In addition to consuming and creating content, Katie loves to crochet and design her own clothing. She also enjoys reality TV, true crime, and trivia. Though it may take her away from a night of stitching and Survivor, Katie can’t say no to a karaoke night!
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