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A Guide To Effective Headlines

Writing Effective Headlines

A good content marketer should always intend to create high-performing content. If you want your blog post to perform well, the best way to achieve this is with a great headline. It should be compelling and leave the reader wanting more. Here is the official guide to headlines from iFrog.

In 2023, it is estimated that 8 in 10 people read only headlines. That leaves only 2 out of 10 who read the blog or article. A compelling headline not only displays the brand’s style, but captures the reader's attention. Here are a few pro tips to help you out:

Use Numbers
You’ve seen thousands of articles titled, “Top 10 ____.” Ensure that the blank is filled with something that will hook your audience. These types of headlines are effective for a few reasons. They can be a signal for relatable content. The number also tells the audience how much content they can expect to read.

Use Superlatives
Instead of titling your blog, “How to Solve X Problem,” consider giving it a more superlative headline. For example, “The Best Ways to Solve X Problem,” or “The Worst Attempts At Solving X Problem.” These types of headlines inspire a bit more trust in an audience.

Ask A Question
These types of headlines make the readers feel more involved in your content. Titles ending in a question mark are more likely to receive click throughs than any other punctuation, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Consider the Length
Longer headlines are more likely to receive clicks than shorter ones. According to the Content Marketing Institute, headlines with 8 words received a 21% higher click-through rate than any other length.

Create A Guide
One of the more effective ways to increase clicks on your blog posts is by giving them undeniable authority. Use words like, “ultimate” and “complete” to show your audience that your guide is a superior source of information.

Do Some A/B Testing
Different types of headlines work for different types of audiences and brands. Test the waters to see what headline style works best with your brand voice. Use data to find out what types of headlines historically resonated the most with your audience.

Above all, it’s essential to have fun with your headlines. A reader is more likely to enjoy something you enjoyed writing about than something that feels forced. Try incorporating some of these tips into your future headlines and use the data to find the best headline styles for your brand.

Ready to make your business stand out with well-crafted headlines? iFrog has the writing and data experts! Contact us today or email us at for a consultation.

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