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The Importance of Standout Creative

The Importance of Standout Creative

The biggest question most companies have is how to make their creations stand out in an industry-saturated market. We have a fantastic idea, just to research that it was already thought of three years prior. Back to the drawing board, I guess? Words, strategy, and the process can be at the forefront of your advertisement, but without an eye-catching visual, your audience can quickly look past it. It's the combination of what makes up the process that makes a creative campaign successful.

Marketing efforts often fail due to not considering all factors when producing quality visuals. The process is so in-depth, it’s almost tedious, but all steps are purposeful to generate success. This is where iFrog Marketing Solutions separates itself from the run-of-the-mill marketing agency — we know creative! Learn more about how we assess the needs and measure the success of your business with standout creative!


Addressing the Problems
Going into the creative process and clearly understanding your client’s industry challenges is a perfect way to launch the ideation process. With a challenge present, you have a more purposeful state of mind when considering all factors that make up the visual aid you are producing. It is imperative to intrigue your audience without giving away the complete solution. All you have to do is define the purpose behind your solution, and the natural following will come.

Creative Strategy
From start to finish, a creative campaign has multiple key factors that make up the process. Research is one of the first things you should consider. Making an effort to identify your audience and your competition will help guide you through the process. Research their approach and then come at it from a different angle. Once the research is done, thinking about purposeful content comes next. Design paired with resolute content is a relationship that must be entirely seamless to produce the desired results. Establishing a tone paired with typography can push a design further with more purpose behind it. All of these key factors play into your perspective on approach. 

Putting yourself in the mindset that your design is a 30-second elevator pitch to a top executive or decision-maker is the best way to explain how effective you must be in what you are trying to present. Refrain from giving all the details; provide the hook with honest facts that makes the consumer want to further the conversation. The more details you give, the more reasons they need to ask you for help. Showcase what you have behind the strategy, not just speak about it.


Originality in Design
Originality is hard these days, and it feels like most designs are just carbon copies with different branded color schemes and new company logos. To stay ahead of the curve, you must become a trendsetter rather than a follower. Changing the way you think is a tremendous way to accomplish this. Next time you are about to start a design, think of three ways how to go about it, rather than just using your first thought. As a design strategist, this is challenging as passion gets in the way of purpose. This challenges you to expand your perspective and allow yourself to learn something new in the development stage of the process. To be different, you must understand how to evolve and pivot your visuals past the “here and now” of today’s demands. 

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
By doing all of these steps with purpose and understanding, you will find that the creative process will produce more substantial results. Combining all these critical factors is an unstoppable formula that will challenge you every time. Stepping out of your comfort zone and not pleasing everyone will help you narrow your focus on the solutions you are providing to your audience. Keep this in mind, and you will continue your path of success to create outstanding visuals.

Let’s get your creative assets to new heights! Contact us or email our team for a consultation at

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