Danielle Miller / Art Director

Danielle Miller / Art Director
Danielle brings a wealth of print media experience as a former Design & Print Manager before joining iFrog in August 2021. As the Art Director, Danielle oversees a team of designers that create visual graphics across all of our partner's digital platforms. She also spearheads iFrog branding efforts, creative strategy, process management, and video production planning. Before iFrog, across four years, Danielle helped a small company transform into a full-service design and print shop while specializing in sales, networking, customer retention, and design, print, and mail management for clients. She earned her degree in Graphic Design, specializing in Advertising at the Delaware College of Art and Design. Since then, her hardworking, idea-driven, and dedicated approach to design has cultivated iFrog's creative assets into a new realm of creativity. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys spending time with her dogs, Bella and Basil. She loves to travel and enjoys creating handmade art. She was also a Board of Trustee member with her college, helping the greater art community expand its outreach.
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