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5 Reasons Why FCA Dealers Should Enroll with iFrog Marketing Solutions

Our FCA team is dedicated to the FCA brand and its dealerships. Since joining the iFrog Marketing Solutions team, my main focus has been working with Tier 3 FCA dealerships to gain a comprehensive understanding of their brand and business goals. I have seen firsthand the importance of getting your strongest incentives in front of your customers as quickly as possible. Working with Tier 3 client partners utilizing the full suite of iFrog services, I have helped coach dealerships on the importance of consistent messaging and creating urgency for their ready-to-buy, low-funnel shoppers.  Additionally, I have collaborated with dealerships to deliberately define their objectives within a certain time frame, and have enjoyed the opportunity to learn and grow with them as a team. 

As the Senior FCA Lead, I am committed to bolstering the iFrog team in being a valuable resource for our FCA client partners. Now that we are officially listed as an FCA Digital Certified Partner, we want to equip your team with the latest technologies, share our Born In A Dealership® knowledge, and give you an unfair advantage over your competition. 

A great partnership provides mutual benefits for each party involved, and it’s important to remember that all partnerships are not created equal. There is a balance of trust, collaboration, communication, dedication, and defined expectations. 

Our dedicated FCA team is excited for the opportunity to connect with FCA dealers and evolve those connections into valuable partnerships. Our goal is to affirm our dealers feel 100% confident in their marketing solutions while educating dealers on our efforts and providing the most in their digital partnership. 

1. Trust

When our team makes a promise, we deliver. A true partnership begins with trust and transparency. Our FCA team is here to gain your trust and prove our dedication with delivered results. One of the most important things to me is constant confirmation that both teams are 100% on the same page from the very beginning. This includes timelines, processes, strategies, and expectations. This step really begins with our onboarding phase. We strive to lay down a solid foundation that we can then build upon.  Personally, I am incredibly passionate about partner relationships and have seen the best success with those that are open and clear from the start.

2. Collaboration

As a partner with iFrog, your input as a dealership will be an invaluable piece to our collaborative efforts. Everything that we do is a product of collaboration. Together we will discuss challenges that your dealership faces, areas of strength, opportunities, and marketing objectives to really understand your dealership’s needs and objectives. Our internal team will always collaborate cross-department to ensure we provide you the best digital solution for your dealership. 

3. Communication

iFrog values serving our clients. To ensure that we are providing you with the best experience there needs to be frequent, open, and clear communication. As an iFrog partner, you are assigned a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist, along with their cell phone number for direct contact! We are here to support you and encourage you to reach out to us. Email, call, or text — your preference! We strive to respond within 30 minutes and if there is ever something that we do not know, we will find the answer! You will never receive a ticket and be asked to wait in line. 

4. Dedication

There is dedication in all things that our team does. We are dedicated to you as a partner and will always bring our energy and enthusiasm to the table. Dedication is how you achieve an end result. As a dealer, we know you set high expectations for your employees. We expect you to hold us to those same standards and consider us an extension of your marketing team.

5. Defined Expectations

As a dealership, you have a reason for partnering with iFrog as your digital partner. Perhaps you need to enhance brand awareness, increase sales for a particular model, or you have an aging inventory challenge. Defining expectations is connected to our open communication. Place your needs and expectations on the table and we can set clear obtainable goals. We want to build a positive relationship, and any unexpressed need or expectation can lead to a strained relationship. Defined expectations will move us forward and ahead of your competitors. 

At iFrog Marketing Solutions, We Cultivate Relationships That Connect People and Brands. We encourage you to contact us when you are ready to hear creative and innovative solutions for your dealership!iFrogOurStoryPgBrk-ota0n3jg8ntheapr01ixj3d4wb983fgqu8wku801te

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