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Social Media Tips for Businesses

One of the best ways to advertise your business is on social media. Your audience is already there with 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and most of what you want to achieve costs only time! Whether or not you’re new to social media or consider yourself a professional, here are some social media optimization tips we at iFrog Marketing Solutions want to share to help your social media profiles thrive!  

You are just a scroll away from success! 

Show Off Your Personality 

Have you always wanted to post about your business on social media but don’t know where to start? First things first: FIND YOUR BRAND VOICE & TONE! This is your distinct personality; it is what you say and how you say it. Do you want to be perceived as professional, humorous, or maybe insightful? The list goes on but the answers will help you find your voice! It’s already in there. You simply have to speak up!

Once you’ve found your voice, your audience will begin to not only recognize you by your products and services, but also by the way you communicate with them! You will no longer just be a car dealership or a clothing boutique or lifestyle brand. You’ll be the business whose posts always make the audience laugh or who they turn to for simple and easy tips and tricks.

Know Your Audience

You are a business, which means you’re selling something, and no matter what it is, you need a buyer. Who is your ideal buyer? Your answer will lead you to the type of post you want to target your ideal audience with. Say you sell candles, and you want to target pet owners because they want their home smelling like pumpkin pie and apple spice rather than a wet dog in the fall, so you have to appeal to the dog owner and depict the two different scents. You may have many audiences because many people buy and love candles, but they all have some commonalities: they all want to smell fresh cut gardenias and calming waves in their home. Knowing your audience will also tell you which social media platform you should be spending your time posting on. 

Find out what your audience wants from you and appeal to them. Go to where they are and show them your business is worth a look! 

Listen to Your Customers. Everyone Else Is Doing It!

Reputation Management and Social Listening are CRUCIAL for businesses! This is how you build your brand’s community and provide your customers with a feeling of belonging and a network of other people they can connect with based on their shared interests. 

Listening to your customer’s feedback will also help your business grow by improving your policies, your products, or anything else your customers share feedback about.  

The most important thing you can do on social media as a business is to respond and communicate with your customers. You will need to answer their questions and respond to their reviews and feedback in a timely manner. Doing this will increase your reputation and referrals! 

The majority of your customers will come to you because someone referred them, and the majority of your customers will come back again and again because you show that you care about them and their opinions! All anyone on social media wants is to be HEARD. This is your chance to listen! 

Make a Commitment to Social Media

Finally, this is a commitment, one that will be completely worth your time and energy! Once you start, don’t stop! You’ve got this! One of the best ways to keep up with your social media is to plan your posts ahead of time and schedule them within the social media platform (if available) or invest in social media management software. Having a plan will keep you organized and help fulfill your commitment to your audience!

By finding your brand’s voice and tone and committing yourself to a consistent post schedule, you can count on increasing your brand awareness as well as your followers. With more followers to get to know, you’ll have plenty of chances to pair them with your products/services, not to mention you’ll get all the free publicity and feedback you could ask for! 

If you haven’t already looked up how to create your new business social media accounts, start now! At iFrog, we can help you by bringing our expertise to make your social media profiles POP. With these tips and tricks and the experience you’ll receive over time, you are sure to see how well you get to know your customers and what they think of your business! The time is now to get started. Billions of people around the world are now just a scroll away! 

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