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What is our FCA Live Exchange Advertising Program?

iFrog Marketing Solutions uses artificial intelligence solutions to elevate paid media campaigns with a laser focus on business objectives to transform companies worldwide. Our customized media plans identify customers, streamline increased revenue opportunities & allow us to pivot quickly. We saw this to be critical, especially when companies had to make tough decisions amidst the global pandemic.

What exactly is the Live Exchange Advertising Program & Why Should You Care? 

We employ human & artificial intelligence to execute & deliver results with our Live Exchange Advertising Program. L.E.A.P., as our team calls it, is human brain power that meets artificial intelligence. By leveraging over 30 predictive algorithms, it efficiently suggests and places media buys with your current business objectives in mind. This solution works in tandem with our team of digital and media experts placing bids and buying media based on performance, driving cost per conversion & cost per acquisition down & overall clicks and conversions up. 

A Fully Integrated, Cross Channel & Cross Device Solution. 

Regardless of the channel or the device, your campaigns are integrated to work together and support desired business objectives seamlessly. Our digital marketing specialists and rockstar designers work with businesses to create consistent & creative messages that give them a sustainable competitive advantage. Our ads begin to optimize over time with the solution’s machine learning capabilities. Every click, transaction & interaction is analyzed and interpreted to accelerate cost savings and provide a better consumer experience. 

What’s Included In Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions?

Paid Search 

Leverage Google & Bing ads enhanced by A.I. The solution allows us to efficiently & quickly manage campaigns while simultaneously delivering increased revenue opportunities. Some of our partners who have adapted to our mentality see better conversions rates 3x their average. Using our human brain power, the media team sets the wheels in motion for scalability and effectiveness. If business owners in industries such as automotive, finance, education & retail are looking to increase website traffic and increase the bottom line, L.E.A.P has them covered. 

Social Media Advertising 

Effective social ads need to be compelling & eye-catching. Our solution allows for 250+ variations of a single social media ad set. L.E.A.P. lets us test & learn with different varieties of headlines, images, copy, C.T.A.s & landing environments. Underperforming variations are automatically eliminated throughout minor and significant stages of optimization, ensuring no wasted ad spend. Our team works to transform businesses by delivering and executing tailored media plans to support your business goals & objectives. Our design team creates powerful Facebook & Instagram ads designed to grab your ideal consumers’ attention & provoke them to take favorable actions with your brand.

Display Advertising 

Awareness is all about maximizing performance and mobile reach. L.E.A.P has endless capabilities when it comes to display and the ability to remarket. A partner favorite is our addressable geofencing technology. With pinpoint accuracy, it quickly improves campaigns targeting specific households. iFrog retargeting predicts a shopper's next move and delivers actionable insights to ensure efficiency and increased ROI. All the while paired with powerful creative & compelling call-to-actions, the ultimate goal is to move your consumers down your desired content or purchase path. 

Online Video Advertising 

Promotions need to be seen by the right people and at the right time to resonate, without video, it is almost impossible to stand apart from the competition. Nearly 80% of all content online is a video! Video paired with our paid media solution means that your ads' premium placement is certain on a variety of publishers & top mobile apps. Online video placement options include smartphones, tablets, and of course, CTV/OTT.

At iFrog, we don’t follow the traditional agency path. In fact, we aren’t really an agency at all. We’re a marketing solutions company. What’s the difference? We obsess over business outcomes. We match the latest A.I. & machine learning technology with our grassroots, knowhow to give you an unfair advantage. Let's build something awesome together! Email us at or call us at (410) 673-8278.

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