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Campaigns To Remember in 2020!

To say 2020 has been a strange year would be quite an understatement. It’s been interesting to watch how certain brands have had to pivot their business plans, becoming more personable and acknowledging the struggles encountered this year. But it's also showing ways to successfully push forward into this "new normal.” As the year winds down and end-of-year lists hit your feeds, here are the campaigns I enjoyed in a truly wild year:



For instance, Apple came out with a digital campaign touching on "the whole working-from-home thing" that I stumbled across while looking to see if my Mac had a certain feature and how to use it. While the video shows normal office people navigating through a WFH environment, it also shows tools their products have to help during the transition. 




Jeep made one of my favorite commercials of 2020 that aired during the Super Bowl. Little did we know, there was a message in that commercial that we all could have used during quarantine, which was our personal Groundhog Day: To carry on day to day and making the best out of it; but to have as much fun as Bill Murray did. I think I may need to purchase a Jeep.


Buffalo Wild Wings

This next topic may be a bit controversial, but it's a hot topic for me. Buffalo Wild Wings pitched a collaboration with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony about a possible name change, which would be "Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony,” and I have to agree with Layzie Bone on this one: Who would change their name to BONELESS? That's not even a wing anymore, it's a chicken nugget! Boneless? Preposterous!



But to end on a more serious note, Nike coming through with the "Just Don't Do It" campaign was very inspirational, and a lot of brands could benefit from learning to speak out for what they stand for. It was almost like everyone was so afraid to acknowledge it due to fear of backlash but Nike wasn't having it. As they said, "Don't Pretend. Don't turn your back. Don't accept, and Don't make excuses. For once, Don't Do It."


This was a strange year for brands. They had to respond, pivot, and be empathetic. They had to create content that was compelling but still distracting and enjoyable for stakeholders. It was a fine line to dance across, and I believe these are the brands that excelled. This is the energy that I like to bring to my clients at iFrog Marketing Solutions. We believe in putting together solid and bold campaigns to give our partners an unfair advantage over their competitors. Let’s create something incredible in 2021 to get your brand on this list next year!

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