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The Year of Streaming: The TV We Loved in 2020






















It’s no secret that 2020 was a complicated, tough, and weird year. Before we say goodbye to 2020 and get ready to embrace 2021, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the content that got us through the year. There’s no denying that streaming was king this year, and we reached for our remotes to keep us safe and keep us indoors. We asked our Pirates about the television they relied on to escape, to learn, or to just figure out the fuss over Tiger King. 

Speaking of, with 195.15 million paid subscribers around the world, Netflix offerings led our results. I’ll confess, when I’m deciding on which platform to watch a show on, I find myself reaching for Netflix first. It’s accessible, has a deep catalogue, and the search feature allows me to narrow down my choices much better than other platforms. Other than the annoying auto-preview feature when I’m mindlessly scrolling, Netflix’s algorithm and I have entered a wonderful relationship where it seems to know exactly what I want to watch next - even if it is reruns of The Office. 


Other companies took notice of Netflix’s reign and seemed to shift and adapt to focus on streaming in 2020. As more households cut the cable cord and rely on streaming services, it seems that every major company offering streaming revamped and pushed streaming as the future of how we consume content. Disney Plus gave us Hamilton, HBO Max is giving us Wonder Woman 1984, and CBS All Access still hasn’t figured out what to give us! The industry is shifting radically in response to the changes we’ve had to make this year. With movie theaters closed, Hollywood is bringing more films to streaming. Where will this take us in 2021? As the world tries to get back to life post-pandemic, will we still be relying on our remotes? 

Until that time comes, we have the shows of 2020. Here are some of our favorites. 

(Quick note from our lawyers: all of the below images have been borrowed from and we do not own them) 


New Shows


The Queen’s Gambit, 2020 (Netflix)

“The Queen’s Gambit is definitely in the Top 3 of mine for 2020. It's a compelling story with witty characters and an elegant setting. I also enjoyed watching a woman succeed in the intellectual game of chess.” - Jaclyn Langwost, Content Writer


Tiger King, 2020 (Netflix) 

Tiger King wasn't a show - it was an experience. It was a case of everyone being wrong and swearing they are right. What better way to start quarantine?” - Teri Bildstein, Digital Marketing Specialist

Favorites With New Seasons


Schitt’s Creek, 2015 (PopTV)

“I loved it for the comedy, the characters (especially Moira and David) and it's simply the best!” - Elizabeth Phillips, Designer


The Mandalorian, 2019 (Disney+)

(Editor’s Note: Spoilers for Season 2): “Grogu is adorable, but is always eating something he shouldn't be. The voice of Mando, I instantly recognized from Game of Thrones so I was in. AND BOBA FETT IS BACK!” - Courtney Coleman, Digital Marketing Specialist


The Crown, 2016 (Netflix)

“I like The Crown because I deserve to be a royal. Also, I've always had a fascination with the royal family and WHY they even exist as royals.” - De’Montray Slacum, Director of Marketing 


Umbrella Academy, 2019 (Netflix)


The Umbrella Academy is great because it is fictional and provided me with an escape while staying in the house most of 2020.” - Lexi Grimaud, Designer

“I was (am) a fan of the graphic novels and to see them come to life is awesome!” - Stormi Coram, Marketing Coordinator

Our Reality Favorites


Married at First Sight, 2014 (Lifetime)


Married at First Sight is one of my top reality TV shows! I love the idea and it is so funny to watch these couples match up. I have a strong dislike for the ones who sign up to marry a stranger and say ‘You're a stranger, I don't usually open up to people this fast’. You signed up to marry a stranger dummy, what did you expect?! Pure entertainment.” - Ashley DeJesus, Digital Marketing Specialist


Real Housewives of Potomac, 2016 (Bravo)

As for me, when I think back on 2020, there is nothing I enjoyed more than Monique Samuels bringing a binder of receipts to the Season 5 reunion. It was a perfect television moment and an incredible ending to a wild season.


What Did We Learn?


In an unprecedented year, we learned to pivot, adapt, and make it work. We chose empathy over being brash, and we reached for our remotes to give us a place to escape to. We balanced a two-three-sometimes four-screen watching experience and realized just how important video content is in 2020. 

At iFrog Marketing Solutions, we pay attention to trends and technologies to make sure our partners are at the forefront of marketing to their customers. Our online video solutions offer video advertising with artificial intelligence across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and connected TV. We ensure premium placement for your ads on a variety of publishers and top mobile apps.

I can’t help but reflect on the technological advancements as The Crown moves through its four seasons. From the newspaper to radio to television, the Royal Family has used these mediums in varying degrees of success to communicate with their constituents. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (before she was queen), on her 21st birthday broadcasted from Cape Town, South Africa, in what is now considered to be her most famous speech. Princess Diana used the paparazzi and television interviews to bring awareness to the AIDS crisis. Both women used technology as a medium for their messaging. Both women utilized their empathetic nature in the delivering of their messaging. We can learn that empathy and authenticity combined with the right technology allows our ideas to get across. That’s what we strive to achieve for our partners at iFrog.

2021 is going to be a great year for iFrog and our partners. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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