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What Are Google Performance Max & Discovery Ads?

One of the easiest ways to increase your performance as a marketer is to take advantage of every available resource. Google has a suite of advertising tools built to help businesses grow and thrive. We all have access to these resources, but knowing how to use them properly is key for effective marketing. Let’s dive into Google Performance Max campaigns and Google Discovery Ads. These two work hand-in-hand to help maximize your reach and drive traffic to your site or product. To help our clients make the most of their in-store and e-commerce strategy, the team at iFrog has mastered the use of Google Performance Max and Google Discovery Ads to reach the highest volume of potential customers.

What Is Google Performance Max?
This technology was developed with today’s shoppers in mind. It helps maximize ad reach by placing your product across Google’s ad inventory in various formats, including YouTube, Display Ads, Google Search, Discover on the Google app, Gmail, Maps, and as a Google Business Profile. Google Performance Max not only allows your business to reach more customers and drive more conversions, but it also provides insights to help improve the performance of the campaigns. Understanding these insights and audience signals allows our team to continue to help clients discover new audiences that match their business goals.

What Are Google Discovery Ads?
While Google Performance Max helps find new audiences using audience signals, Google Discover Ads provides an outlet for reaching a much wider audience. This technology uses customer intent signals to place ads in front of shoppers when they are most inclined to purchase. Google Discovery Ads are highly visual and personalized to those ready to discover and engage with the brand. These campaigns are for driving conversions at a mass scale.


Optimizing Campaigns
It’s one thing to understand how Google Performance Max and Discovery Ads work, but it’s another thing to execute a truly successful campaign. At iFrog, we understand how to optimize both campaigns for the best results. Our Creative team has this down to a science. Per campaign, our designers provide assets in a wide range of sizes and aesthetics. As the campaign progresses, the insights we receive help improve the return on investment. Google Performance Max utilizes Smart Bidding to optimize performance in real-time, placing bids on the ads that are performing best. Google Discovery Ads will optimize the campaign based on the client’s goals, whether they want to maximize conversions, target cost per acquisition, or target return on ad spend.

So, How Do We Do It?
We know audiences. Anyone can set up a Google Performance Max or Google Discovery Ads campaign. But at iFrog, we cultivate relationships that connect people and brands. This mindset helps us understand individual audiences as we look for new ways for our client’s brands to connect with them. With our client’s specific goals, and their audience’s wants and needs, in mind, our team can tailor the right creative assets, copy, and overall strategy for each campaign. By creating assets and copy that are visually appealing to their intended audiences, we do our part to optimize each campaign, so they are set up for success when Google takes over!

Interested in diving into the new era of online marketing through Google Performance Max and Google Discovery Ads? Contact us or email our team for a consultation at

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