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The Basics of Writing Press Releases

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If you hear the term “press release,” your mind probably invokes images of dusty newspapers or reporters jabbing microphones into a person’s face while they blankly read a statement. While some of that may still be true, press releases are increasingly more vital in our virtual world. Their purpose is to inform a targeted audience or general public about events, happenings, announcements, and goings-on, submitted by or on behalf of individuals, organizations, institutions, or companies potentially based around the world. That news — which can vary from celebratory announcements to the launches of all-new initiatives — is promoted and disseminated in a compact, engaging, and matter-of-fact way. This makes a PR the ideal messenger for both print and digital formats. 


We at iFrog Marketing Solutions have a structured approach when it comes to crafting releases for our partners, and we have shared the key highlights below. Check them out below!


The Foundation of PRs

The nature of press releases follows a core tenet: what do you need to convey to the public? Making sure you understand exactly what you want to announce with your release and — just as importantly — why your message matters is a great way to not only make yourself more comfortable with creating the piece, but also help you keep your focus on “just the facts” and avoid unnecessary tangents. Other tips to consider include:

Keep it short.

The beauty of PRs is that they are not intended to be lengthy feature pieces or even in-depth hard-hitting news. They revolve around providing your readers insight into the announcement or event you are promoting in a streamlined and alluring format. Therefore, maintaining a balance between too much detail and too little detail is crucial for the effectiveness and attractiveness of a press release. Our Content department ensures that our partners’ releases are long enough to get the intended point across, but short enough to encourage higher user engagement.

  • This is particularly important if your press release is going to be used in print. Publications like newspapers and magazines cut down PRs that exceed how much allotted space they have on a certain page. Managing the length of your press release will help guarantee print publications keep the whole of your messaging.

Submit it wisely.

Deciding on what type of format you want to use for your press release submission should be decided before you even write it. Maybe you want to use an email blast to send it out to local publications in the area, or want to use a free/paid service to shoot it over to numerous different outlets. Whatever the decided avenue, remember to follow the outlined steps for a successful submission. 

Follow the 5 W's.

You most likely learned about these in school: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Those five points should be evident and answered in your press release because they fulfill its purpose: 

  1. Who is behind the release? 
  2. What is it about?
  3. When is/was the announcement or event? (if applicable)
  4. Where is/did the release’s subject happen?
  5. Why does this event happen OR why does this release exist?

Obtain Quotes

Quotes from relevant parties are strong components of press releases because they add elements of humanity that promote more connectivity with your readers, break up your release to keep the messaging fresh, and also can help add credence to what you are announcing. They can consist of thoughts or reactions to the subject of your release. However, try to avoid stuffing a plethora of quotes in your PR because they can dilute what you want to achieve with the release. iFrog’s Content team maintains a balance of two or three well-placed quotes for our partners’ releases.

Include Images

Having imagery accompany press releases is fantastic for providing visuals about the release’s subject and make it more attractive to your readers. Examples are if you are announcing the promotion of an employee or an event with a keynote speaker. Those are instances where you want to put a face to the names you are putting in your copy. Keep in mind to only use photos that relate to the press release.


We at iFrog Marketing Solutions hope you find these tips beneficial for when you are crafting the releases. These are among our standard practices for the PRs we develop and submit for our partners because we want to guarantee their news is sent out in a timely, clear, and concise manner. We will be glad to further go over how we can fulfill your PR needs and be sure to reach out if you have any follow-up questions about our tips. Best of luck releasing the good word!

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